Pipe Inspection and Storage

Our state of the art non-destructive five function Electromagnetic Inspection machine (EMI) proves as an accurate method of detecting flaws in tubing and casing up to 4 1/2″ O.D. to help prevent costly down time and failures.

The inspection of used tubing consists of electromagnetic inspection to locate internal and external pitting, cuts, gouges, and localized wall loss which would be detrimental to the integrity of the pipe.


SRT Oil Field Service provides premium Visual Thread Inspection (VTI) for round and buttress threaded connections, such as:

  • Internal coupling threads.
  • External field end threads.

We also specialize in premium casing and tubing Full Length Drifting (FLD) inspection controlled by our experienced operators.


SRT provides premium Liquid Penetrate (LP) examination, which provides the inspection and testing coverage necessary on the end portions of the drill collars.

LP examination may consist of the following inspection and testing methods:

  • Visual thread inspection
  • Blacklight inspection


Tubular brushing & rattling, outside and inside diameter.

Removing the mud deposits, scale, and rust from the drill pipe is a critical part of the inspection process. Many mud additives contain chemicals that if left on the pipe, can accelerate corrosion. Therefore, all pipe is thoroughly cleaned prior to inspection and coated with a corrosion inhibitor following the inspection process if requested.

Our brushing unit is designed to remove rust, scale, and dried drilling fluid over the entire length of the tubing.


Another of our services includes sandblasting, which uses material to remove mill varnish or other foreign material from the O.D. & I.D. We can also apply coating per customer request.